El Sr. Barbosa fundó Diaspora Law, revolucionando la práctica de la ley, y con el objetivo de conectar a los abogados orientados a la comunidad con el fin de proporcionar servicios integrales de inmigración. Él es un ávido investigador y aporta su previa experiencia para proporcionar la asistencia que la comunidad busca actualmente. El Sr….

Associate Attorney

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Anne was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, and is the granddaughter of Ukrainian immigrants who fled war-torn Europe during WWII. Having grown up in a tight-knit ethnic community, she experienced first-hand how America thrives and flourishes when it welcomes people of all nationalities, religions, and backgrounds.

Law Clerk

Robyn Lessinger joined Diaspora Law after moving to Pennsylvania from Louisiana. Robyn’s previous work has made her very interested in communities in need as well as human rights and refugee issues. Before moving to Lancaster, PA, Robyn worked on several well-known cases arising from Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, as well as the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

Immigration Attorney

Mr. Barbosa founded Diaspora Law aiming at connecting community oriented attorneys in order to provide comprehensive immigration services. He brings his previous experience to provide the assistance the community currently seeks. Mr. Barbosa manages the offices across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Mr. Barbosa sees immigration as a human rights oriented practice. He previously worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as a Legal Assistant and with the Service Employees International Union, as an organizer. As an Immigration Attorney, he has been able to explain complicated options in understandable terms to his clients.