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Diaspora Law is a Top Reviewed U.S. Immigration Law firm that specializes in family immigration, business immigration and deportation defense. Licensed federally to practice U.S. immigration law in all 50 States and abroad, we are a non-partisan, pro-immigrant, humanitarian effort to keep families together and protect those who cannot defend themselves. Further, through community engagement and support we work with local organizations to advocate for fair changes in immigration law and the fair treatment of all people.

Available 24/7, Diaspora Law lawyers and staff speak multiple languages and are available regardless of time zone, state or country. We will be there for you!

We are immigrants too. Diaspora Law is passionate about helping immigrants because we all have a deep connection to the cause. We have seen and experienced the struggle, the confusion, and the strength it takes to come to the United States for a better life for your family or business. Schedule a Consultation Today.

Since 2013, Diaspora Law has helped more than a 1000 families nationwide through affordable legal representation and deportation defense to become citizens and avoid deportation. We will represent you before the immigration courts, ICE, USCIS and the Department of Homeland Security to protect your rights as immigrants, residents, and citizens. We will even be there and help you through your interviews, exams and to celebrate each of your successes. We believe in you!

Our attorneys can help guide you through all available options for your immigration concern with personalized care in a comfortable and professional setting. Whether at one of our multiple convenient offices in the United States or abroad, by phone, online video chat, or in prison Diaspora Law is ready to help.

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