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Business Immigration

Business attorneys that focus in immigration law can help both companies and applicants wade through the red tape of hiring someone outside of the country. They are able to obtain all necessary documents needed to take the hassle out of hiring a skilled, highly trained employee from anywhere in the world.

Let the attorneys at Diaspora Law guide you. We will represent you before the government to show the need of foreign workers, and we will help you bring the right employee. As Business Immigration Lawyers we work diligently with your company’s interests first.  We can represent you to apply for worker visas and employment opportunities of individuals across the globe.

Work Visas

Diaspora Law can also provide assistance as Business Immigration Lawyers. We are here to help bring together skilled workers with employment opportunities that will showcase their talents. It is our goal to do whatever necessary to help businesses of all sizes bring in needed labor across all sectors with consideration of both the urgency of the petitions and the overhead of the business.

The attorneys at Diaspora Law are able to obtain various work visas, including from 1st to 5th employment preferences. (Priority Workers, Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees and Persons of Exceptional Ability, Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Unskilled Workers, Certain Special Immigrants and Immigrant Investors).

The Work Visa process starts with the employer, or human resources office contacting us, and we will open a case file for the companies interested in bringing foreign trainees, workers or employees to the U.S.

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