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Work Authorization

Attorneys for work authorization can help businesses and individuals obtain Employment Authorization Documents to work legally in the United States. The rules are very clear, and many people may be able to work and not know of their eligibility. It is especially easy to obtain work authorization if an immigration case has been filled under a category that allows the foreigner to work.

Some categories available include work authorization for marriage, for deferred action (or DACA), for Asylum, TPS, Cancellation of Removal, or Parole. In some instances, people that has received orders of removal, but remain in the US under ICE supervision may also be able to obtain work authorization.

Work Cards or Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) – Fast and Efficient Processing

Our offices can process your work authorizations relatively fast and efficiently if you have the elegibility category and supporting documents. Work Authorizations can take over four months for processing after filling with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. It is very important to file with an attorney that will be able to continually supervise the case, and do follow ups with the government.

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