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Mahsa Mohkamkar

Immigration Attorney at Diasporalaw

Practices Exclusively Immigration Law, Licensed in NY

Mahsa Mohkamkar, an accomplished Immigration Attorney at Diaspora Law, dedicates her practice exclusively to Immigration Law. Licensed in New York, she brings a unique blend of professional experience, academic prowess, and personal passion to her legal practice.

A graduate of the University of Isfahan, Mrs. Mohkamkar earned her Bachelor of Law degree in July 2009, ranking remarkably in the top 0.13% on the challenging Iranian nationwide university entrance exam (Konkoor). Further refining her legal skills, she attained a Master of Law degree from the renowned University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law, in December 2014. The fusion of her educational pursuits and personal experiences has equipped her with proficient fluency in English and her native language, Farsi.

Mrs. Mohkamkar’s deep understanding of the struggles faced by immigrants, stemming from her own personal journey, drives her to champion her clients’ causes. She is committed to providing dedicated and passionate legal representation, believing that assisting a community she intimately identifies with is not just her duty but a distinct honor.

Today, Mrs. Mohkamkar brings her diverse experience to bear as an associate attorney at Diaspora Law. Authorized to practice law in Immigration Courts nationwide and to operate across various offices, she concentrates her practice on removal defense, asylum, employment-based, and family-based immigration. She is uniquely proficient in filing family-based green cards, handling applications for waivers, responding to Requests for Evidence (RFEs) and Notices of Intent to Deny, and submitting Appeals and Motions to Reopen. She is also a noted expert in assisting clients with T Visa applications, demonstrating her comprehensive skill set in immigration law. Her broad professional background enables her to offer her clients robust and expert legal support throughout their immigration journey.

When away from her legal duties, Mrs. Mohkamkar enjoys water activities and the excitement of traveling. She relishes the exploration of diverse cultures, meeting new people, and deepening her understanding of the rich tapestry of global human experiences.

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