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An 18-month investigation into the “zero tolerance” immigration policy gives us an insight on what has really been happening to the families that have been separated from each other. More than 5,000 children were separated from their families with no proper process in place leading to a reunion with their families.  Many parents were told if they agreed to deportation, they would get to see their children again which was not true.  

As a discouragement for migration, pushing for harsh enforcement the administration encouraged parents to separate from their children. These parents had hopes to reunite with their families and children but instead ended up being deported and were given no information or direction as to how the process will be or how long it would take.  

The administration made it seem that they had the process under control when the reality is children,  including infants were being taken away from their parents, and some children were being held and detained. There was and still is no real tracking process.  

The treatment these families have received has led to many children enduring trauma. A caseworker had stated her experience with the children was like anything she had ever seen. They were inconsolable and could not do anything other than play movies to keep the children calm.  

Imagine being in your prime years of adolescence. These are the years in which children’s brains are developing and can determine what type of person they will be. Imagine trusting that your government will help you but instead they do the exact opposite. 

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