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Individual & Family Immigration

Immigrating to a new country is a wonderful event, full of new possibilities and opportunities, but the legal process is a complex one. You’re not only leaving behind your old life, career and friends, but you’re entering an unfamiliar place where you have yet to establish close connections. You may experience challenges in language and culture, but also with the local laws. To make sure that you fully understand the legal implications, and immigration requirements that are attached to living, working or studying in the United States you need a legal team well-versed in immigration law. You need Diaspora Law on your side.

At Diaspora Law, immigration is our only area of focus, which means we stay up-to-date on the ever-changing laws so that we can best serve you. We listen to you and collect all details relevant to your situation in order to determine your best options and aim at the desired outcome of your situation. We understand that every person has a different story and we choose the most appropriate route to achieve the best results.

Deportation Defense

Every year thousands of non-citizens are asked to leave the United States for a number of reasons. To be removed, or deported, the government must provide evidence that supports the grounds on which they base the removal. In some instances there are reasonable grounds and supporting evidence, but the deportation process may be long and complicated.  Anyone suffering the deportation of a family member need quick and efficient legal advice to explore the options and attempt to preserve the family unity.

Immigration rules are strict and are adhered to rigidly. Working with deportation attorneys will save you time, hassle and stress. You need Diaspora Law on your side. Our team communicates with you in clear, easy-to-understand language, and with the compassion you deserve during these challenging times.

Work Authorization

Attorneys for work authorization can help businesses and individuals obtain Employment Authorization Documents to work legally in the United States. The rules are very clear, and many people may be able to work and not know of their eligibility. It is especially easy to obtain work authorization if an immigration case has been filled under a category that allows the foreigner to work.

Some categories available include work authorization for marriage, for deferred action (or DACA), for Asylum, TPS, Cancellation of Removal, or Parole. In some instances, people that has received orders of removal, but remain in the US under ICE supervision may also be able to obtain work authorization.

Business Immigration

Business attorneys that focus in immigration law can help both companies and applicants wade through the red tape of hiring someone outside of the country. They are able to obtain all necessary documents needed to take the hassle out of hiring a skilled, highly trained employee from anywhere in the world.

Let the attorneys at Diaspora Law guide you. We will represent you before the government to show the need of foreign workers, and we will help you bring the right employee. As Business Immigration Lawyers we work diligently with your company’s interests first.  We can represent you to apply for worker visas and employment opportunities of individuals across the globe.

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