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Migrant is a temporary movement. Migration can occur within the borders of the same country, or cross international borders, meaning movement from one region to another. A migrant moves to a place temporarily. Immigration is permanent residency. Immigration occurs when a person crosses an international border and becomes a permanent resident in another country.  

On February 27, 2021, the Biden administration moved to expand the government’s capacity to house migrant children as it attempts to respond to an increase in border crossings of unaccompanied minors, notably by its re-opening of a temporary influx holding facility in  Carrizo Springs, Texas. 

It has been nearly four months since migrants seeking U.S. asylum began arriving in D.C. and  New York by the hundreds on buses from Texas and Arizona. These migrants are being placed on buses without plans for what happens when they arrive. Some are even being forced on the buses.  They are not being told the correct information and some people arrive at the destination thinking they would be in a different state. This is very important and critical; this can put their asylum at risk. If they are not being taken to the proper places they can miss the court date and can be considered fugitives and can be deported. Another issue being there is not enough capacity, for the amount of people that are being transferred. There are not enough shelters and an immense lack of organization and space. These shelters are prioritizing children and woman leaving hundreds of people without stay. In other cases, buses have arrived with no one available to meet them this has caused those passengers to also sleep outside. This goes hand in hand with the lack of direction and guidance leaving those that do not know of the resources without shelter. 


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