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How to bring a family member to the u.s. when you are a us citizen?

Immigration Guide
The objective of this guide is to help you and your family, giving you useful tools to know your family immigration options.

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you'll learn:

1. How to determine your category

2. Helpful information about Fill and Submit Your Form

3. How to Checking Your Case Status

4. After You’re Approved

5. About the Author and our team

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About Author

Mr. Barbosa is the managing attorney of Diaspora Law – a boutique immigration law firm. Mr. Barbosa sees immigration law as a human rights-oriented practice. He currently provides consulting services worldwide, and previously assisted agencies including the Jesuit Refugee Service in South Africa, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Brazil, United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America in Chile and multiple organizations in the U.S. with immigration matters.

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