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Consultation Instructions

We at Diaspora Law are always ready to provide our clients with convenient and professional consultation services. To schedule a consultation with one of our qualified and experienced attorneys please call us at 1-800-919-9280, email us at, or message us via skype at “diaspora law”.

Scheduling a Consultation

To schedule a consultation please contact us first. One of our qualified administrators will then coordinate an appointment based on your location and date/time availability. They will also process your payment and confirm your appointment.

Please note that all consultations must be coordinated and confirmed with at least 24 hours in advance. In some instances, we might be able to assist in emergencies over the phone, or over skype.

Consultation Payments

Please note that all consultations must be pre-paid with at least 24 hours in advance.

Payments via credit or debit cards can be made via telephone at 1-800-919-9280 or via our website

We also accept payments via bank deposit at any Wells Fargo bank location. To make a payment via bank deposit please contact us for more information.

For any issues with payments via Paypal through our website or via bank deposit, please call our office at 1-800-919-9280 for assistance. Additional methods of payment include Western Union, Money Gram, or Bank Wire.

Consultation Locations

We are able to provide in-person consultations at one of our many office locations. For in-person consultations, appointments must be made in advance and be pre-paid. Phone and skype consultations are also available. To coordinate a consultation at one of our locations, please contact us.

Same-Day / Emergency Consultations

In limited circumstances, we may be able to facilitate a same-day consultation. These appointments must also be pre-paid, and confirm attorney availability. For emergency matters, we may be able to speak with you over the phone, Skype, or Google Chat. To consult one of our specialists for emergency or same-day consultation appointments, please contact us.