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From one EFM to Another

Mr. Barbosa has been an EFM since 2019, taking his immigration practice with him whenever his Spouse has taken them. Although our practice has provided advice and counseling to families around the globe, we enjoy helping other families in U.S. missions navigating immigration matters. Specially, if we can remove the headache of the administrative processes, while you enjoy your post.

We have assisted in trouble shooting spouse petitions, training diplomatic spouses for naturalization, and helping with petitions of foreign relatives to obtain residency in the U.S. In addition, visas for domestic workers (nannies/helpers) and understanding the responsibilities when sponsoring extended families are topics of common concern.

Expeditious Naturalization:

Usually, the best resources for families posted across the globe is the Global Community Liaison Office (GCLO) Formerly known as Family Liaison Office (FLO) in D.C. and the local CLO. One of the most important benefits of EFMs is access to Expeditious Naturalizations, a service that GCLO can assist with. Since 2006, more than 1,000 foreign-born spouses have been successfully naturalized with this program. For more information, review the DOS GCLO Page. In addition to GCLO’s assistance, you may also have the representation from an attorney in these private matters. 

Spouse and Family petitions:

Petition for spouses used to be relatively fast when USCIS had offices overseas. Now it’s a matter of lobbying for the process. Reach out to the IV Unit Chief or Consular Chief at your post. They have discretion to accept I-130s filed at post per 9 FAM 504.2-4(B)(1)(b)(4)(h).  If this route does not work, the the regular online filing in the USCIS website will have to do, and then wait for it to be sent via NVC to post.  Other relative petitions will be subject to the visa bulletin and annual restrictions, and the only challenge families consider is the domicile requirement for the affidavit of support. Make sure to include a copy of the orders to show that the petitioner lives abroad under government employment.

Visas for domestic workers (drivers, nannies, housekeepers)

The FAM provides two avenues to bring in domestic workers to the U.S. One is for the U.S. Citizens Residing abroad, and the second is for U.S. Citizens in Temporary assignment to the U.S. – The requirements for each category are sliding differently, and local posts will likely be able to provide instructions for pro-se representation.  The candidate will have to obtain the B1/B2 Visa on their own with the employer’s recommendation and personal documents, and then be subject to admission at a point of entry. A contract with the requirements outlined in the FAM will be mandatory at each step of the process, including a translation to the employee’s own language if it is not english.

For these, and any other immigration questions – do not hesitate to reach out. Our appointments are scheduled relatively fast and are competitively affordable.

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