Marianella Omaña

Marianella is originally from Venezuela and is currently involved with Diaspora Law serving the immigrant community in Family and Business immigration matters. She has a very unique combination of experience in domestic and international multicultural markets as an attorney and business manager.

From the early stages of her career as Attorney she was interested in raising awareness about social problems, businesses and family while working with a variety of legal issues. After her graduation from law school she received a Master’s Degree in Management and two Graduate Certificates (Diversity and Organizational Development) in the United States. In Venezuela she started working as a legal advisor and representative for international corporations.

Marianella became part of the academic staff of the Catholic University of Tachira, teaching as an Associate professor in the School of Business Administration and in the School of Law.

Marianella came to the United States and opted to restart and continue her professional life in a country that above all, cherishes freedom and human rights for its citizens. Thanks to her hybrid professional background that mixes business and law, upon arriving to this country she worked as Manager of an International Corporation based in the U.S. doing business with Latin
America; and China.

Marianella is fluent in Spanish and English, and she is used to working in multicultural environments with minorities. Marianella is admitted to Practice in the State of Pennsylvania.


  • Temple University, LLM
  • University of Zaragoza- Spain, Ph.D. in Civil Law (Pending)
  • Cambridge College, MA in Management
  • Catholic University of Tachira, J.D.